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Shout enjoyed a Reception at the House of Commons in December 2023, hosted by Dawn Butler MP, announcing Shout's plans for 2024

Left to right Carey Fitzgerald, Danny Maher, Sacha Wood, Michelle Collins, Dawn Butler MP Brent Central, Anne Clarke London Assembly Member Barnet & Camden, Krupesh Hirani London Assembly Member Brent & Harrow.

House of Commons Reception 2023

Photographer: Dominque Murphy-de Neef

Shout London 2023

Photographers: Dominque Murphy-de Neef and Milena Starkova

“A skilled mix of intense, delicate and moving films and art”

“I've witnessed first-hand the transformative impact of this annual Film & Arts Festival on the way we perceive and discuss mental health."

“An engaging, uplifting, informative and excellent festival for professionals, laypeople, and parents.”

“This festival allows contributors like myself to share our music, stories and messages in a unique and impactful way.”

"Now in its second year and just as rewarding as at the first.”

SHOUT LONDON provides an invaluable platform for artists and advocates like myself to engage in conversations that matter and I hope to see more SHOUT events across the country."

“Fascinating discussions of mental health experiences and creative, entertaining, thought-provoking poetry, music. dancing and acting. Highly recommended.”
“SHOUT LONDON has been a remarkable stage for me to contribute to the dialogue on neurodiversity and mental health.”

Shout London 2022

Images credited to Marco De Rosso, Paul McPherson & Mauro Alexandre Da Silva Mascate

"What a great event"

"The films were excellent, inspiring and uplifting as well as at times disturbing"

"The live events were wonderfully creative"

"highly engaging and empathetic"

"A brilliant idea to build a festival for mental health"

"Thank you for the serious discussion and opportunity to showcase the incredible creativity that lies within so many individuals that are managing deep and disturbing experiences"

"So thought-provoking"